2006 ACE Andy Roddick Magenta Press Plate 1/1

26 Rings And Counting
2006 ACE Andy Roddick Magenta Press Plate 1/1
You are bidding on a 2006 ACE Andy Roddick Magenta Press Plate 1/1. The card was pulled, scanned, and placed into a holder. If t are any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.
Late paying bidders have recently been a very consistent problem. I give two weeks in order for a buyer to get payment to me. Two weeks is more than enough time to get a payment to me from anyw My suggestion to all winners of auctions is to send your payment by priority mail. If a winner of an auction sends payment and I receive it even one day late, the payment will no longer be accepted. The late payment will be destroyed, and the piece will be re-auctioned. In addition, personal checks have been bouncing. I will accept personal checks in order to speed up payments, but I will only accept them with prior approval from me. In addition, I have now started accepting PAYPAL payments in order to speed up the arrival time of the payments. If you cannot bid with these rules in mind, PLEASE DO NOT BID!
Created with Sonny! at inkFrog

:: Payment Terms T are no returns on third party graded cards, complete sets, partial sets, near complete sets, or lots. Payment can be in the form of cashier's check, money order, PAYPAL, or check (with prior approval from me)
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