2006 Bowman Football Factory Sealed Jumbo Box

THIS IS A FACTORY SEALED JUMBO BOX OF 2006 BOWMAN FOOTBALL. They have10 packs per box with 34 cards plus 1 Gold Parallel Card per pack. Thisproduct is a Rookie collector's dream, offering 165 NFL Rookies and 10 Autographed Rookie Base Card Variations, along with 110 of the NFL's top Veterans and Rookie Coaches. 2006 Bowman Football is a first-round draft choice that features 1 Autographed Rookie Card per box, 1 Rookie Relic Card per box, 165 NFL Rookies, Rookie Base Card Autographed variations (including Leinart, Bush and Young), 2006 Bowman Rookie Coaches Autographed Cards and Topps exclusive NFL Draft Day Rookie Relic Cards (Available only from Topps). Jumbo Exclusive: Signs of the Future Rookie Autographed box loader.