2006 Bowman Leon Washington Auto Obscene Pose?

This card is the hot! This card is the hot hot!

You are bidding on a mint 2006 Bowman Signs of the Future autographed card of the Jets great rookie RB Leon Washington. Signed in blue ink and is card #SF-LW.

This is the card w Leon is accidentally giving the camera the finger, even though he was trying to do a sign that represented his home town. Because it looks like an obscene gesture, Topps is discontinuing the card, and replacing all of the existing ones with a new one making this card extremely rare. Forget the fact that he is emerging as a star rookie for the New York Jets. This card is awesome and will disappear.

YOU MAKE THE CALL? represented his home town or obscene gesture

This card is hot! This card is hot hot!

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In case you don't think these cards will disappear from the market...this comes directly from the Topps Website:

"In no way does Topps condone this type of behavior to be photographed for its trading cards and is deeply embarrassed that this photograph was not deleted in the early stages of the editing process," a company
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