2006 P & D BU Jefferson Nickel Rolls - Brilliant

Ten 2006 Jefferson Nickel Roll s - P and D Mints
Up for your consideration we have 10 rolls of 2006 Jefferson P Mint and D Mint Brilliant Un-Circulated (BU) Nickels:
4 Rolls from the Denver Mint 6 Rolls from the Philadelphia Mint
These Rolls were from an advance purchase of 2 lots of 5 from the World Reserve Monetary Exchange. The P rolls are hard to come by yet we have 6 Philadelphia Mint Rolls out of the 10 Rolls in this Collection up for bid.
Each roll is labled from the mint it came from and includes a Royal Blue Sac with Gold Embroidery and Gold Drawstring.
The collection comes with 2 Authentic / Original Signed Certificates (Nos: 33787) each lot comes with a white glove for handling the rolls. Also, an original signed letter describing the coins value and demand from the Executive Director of the World Reserve Monetary Exchange.
Shipping (S/H) includes Delivery Confirmation and appropriate Insurances.
Face value of the coins are $20 - the bidding will start t Good luck to all Bidders!