2006 Hot Wheels Drag Bus, Real Riders series 5

I'm selling off my duplicate busses and limited edition cars. so put me in your favorate sellers list for a while.

This one is the 2006 Real Riders series 5 Drag Bus. It is listed as Spec. Aqua (but I call it turquoise) with a white roof and white flames on the sides. It has, of course, real rubber real rider tires with white lettering and chrome wheels. Clear windows, unpainted base and black spoiler.

It is mint on mint card and still in the protector pack that it was shipped in, only opened for the photo session. Numbered 10436 / 11000 and AB1325 on the holograph logo on back.

Item in photoghrph is actual item at auction and winner,please

Thanks for your intrest and happy bidding.