New 2006 Rare Re-Ment Full Set of 15 #043- Tavern Drinking, Pub Meals Cigarettes

Information About This Listing:
This listing is for the new, complete / full set known as Tavern Drinking, or Pub Meals. This rare, discontinued complete full set is comprised of 15 individual sets; all are included and in the original plastic sleeve, and all have the papers. There are 15 small boxes and the large box.
All items are hand painted plastic miniatures in about 1:6 scale, though the older sets are closer to 1:12. Since there are often size differences in real life items from different makers, this shouldn't present much of a problem for your dolls or scenes. All the small sets are still in the plastic sleeve, with the card, and in the individual boxes within the large box.
General Information About All My Re-Ment Listings:
I have photographed the exterior boxes, or if that was missing, the inner boxes, and also tried to get a closeup of the photo on the box that shows what is included, but my camera isn't top notch, and those pictures are pretty fuzzy. I think most buyers who are familiar with Re-ment know what the contents of the different sets are, but if you aren't sure what is included in this set, please look at the Re-Ment website, for their excellent close-up photos of these tiny items. It can be found at (be sure and remove spaces) www. re-ment. co. jp/ When you are there, If you are in any
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