One of the best rookie classes ever! Find autos of rookies like Bush, Leinart, Young, White, Cutler, Maroney and much more! At least one auto per box guaranteed! YOU ARE BIDDING A FACTORY SEALED HOBBY BOX OF 2006 TOPPS FINEST FOOTBALL. WITH 3 MINI BOXES Box Breakdown: 6 packs per box / 5 cards per pack 2006 Topps Finest Football celebrates the past, present, and future of the NFL. Brett Favre Finest Moments Autographs and Inserts, and 2006 NFL Rookie Autographed Base Cards! 1 autograph per MINI box! 90% are rookies! 1 Brett Favre Finest Moments inserts per mini-box! 2 low-numbered parallels per mini-box! CONTENT BREAKDOWN: Base Cards - 5 per pack Veterans(100) Rookies(50) Autographed Rookies(20) Short-Printed Auto Rookies(10) - Sequentially numbered to 199 Short-Printed Auto Rookie SuperFracs(10) - Each is a 1 of 1 Short-Printed Auto Rookie X-Fractors(10) - Sequentially numbered to 25 Short-Printed Auto Rookie Refractors(10) - Sequentially numbered to 50 Autographed Cards - 1 per mini-box(including rookie base autos) Finest Autograph SuperFractors(20) - Each is a 1 of 1 Finest Autograph X-Fractors(20) - Sequentially numbered to 25 Finest Autograph Refractors(20) 2006 Signature Series(25) - Sequentially numbered Parallel Cards - 2 per mini-box(including Favre Finest Moments, inserts, and all base cards except short-printed rookie ... read more