YOU ARE BIDDING ON AN UNOPENED,ORIGINAL BANK ROLL of (25) 2007-D GEORGE WASHINGTON DOLLARCOINS, REMOVED FROM BOX DATED "DEC 04, 2006" In my seller feedback dated April 2, 2010, March19, 2010, March 3, '10, February 25, '10, December 16, 2009, December 13, '09, November 18, '09, November 4, '09, July 2, '09, June 17, '09, April 24, 2008 and April 17, '08 MY LUCKY EBAY BUYERS FOUND GODLESS SMOOTH EDGE ERROR COINS WORTH OVER $220.00 EACH !!!

In Q1 2007, I ordered seven $1000 boxes of Denver Mint Washington Dollars from Bank of America in Torrance, California, 2 boxes were sampled for error coins. So far, I found 22 of the smooth rim error coins from 2 of the 7 boxes....16 were sent in for grading to NGC (see pictures). The Roll you receive has been in air-tight acid-free storage and will come from one of the unopened un-sampled boxes. The box from which your coin roll will be removed from, is dated and stamped " CWI #102 DEC 04, 2006 INSPECTED BY 3510 " (see picture). These are the earliest known boxes in the entire country.

Please read the most recent "Washington Dollar Update" and "W Washington Presidential Dollar Errors were Found Around the Country" at /b/2007/04/03/washington-dollar-update.htm

Who knows what you will find when you open your roll...a "SMOOTH-EDGE", a "RIMLESS", a "STARBURST", "OFF-CENTERS", or
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