2007 George Washington Smooth Edge Error Dollar

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2007 George Washington Smooth Edge Error

Here you get the pictured 2007 George Washington Smooth Edge {Godless} Error Dollar. No Edge Lettering. Coin is from a group of about 50 coins we have just purchased from a local bank head teller. This well known error will no doubt be as popular as the famous 1955 Double Die Cent in the not so distant future. Ch/Bu {Brilliant Uncirculated} {{{ GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC }}} I will start the bidding at Below wholesale bid with NO-RESERVE. As always, 100% satisfaction guaranteed. I am a full service coin shop located in Statesboro, Ga. feel free to give me a call if you are looking for something not listed for auction and I will try to get it listed. . {no-reserve} POSTAGE: $1.99 1st class mail. Low starting bid with {no-reserve} Combined shipping on multi-lot wins

POSTAGE: $1.99 1st class mail.

100% satisfaction guarantee on all items if not happy {less shipping}.* Must be in original package, with seal not broken, and no more than ten days from our ship date.