2007 Mark Martin #01 Army White Gold RCCA Owners Elite #45/100

2007 Mark Martin #01 Army White Gold RCCA Owners Elite. Numbered 45/100. Note: There appear to be sleeve marks (black smudges) on some of the white number & lettering.
I am selling these cars as "Used/As Is" because I do not spend much time inspecting the cars before listing them. My husband was/is the original owner. He has changed hobbies and is doing an extreme downsize. When the car arrived he looked at it and put it in a closet in it's original shipping box. Knowing that, I am assuming that the car is in the condition it was in when it arrived from RCCA and that the condition is somewhere between good and excellent, but I don't make a guarantee. I do look at the car when I photograph it , spin the tires if it's not attached to the base, and give it a gentle shake to see if something is loose inside. Everything I have associated with the car is included in the auction. If I notice anything odd with the car, the case, or the sleeve I will note it in the beginning of my description.
If you have a specific question or concern, please ask.
No "Buy it Now" offers please: The kids and I really enjoy selling via auctions and checking our totals, so please no requests for a "Buy It Now" if one isn't already listed. Thank you.
If other arrangements have not been agreed to prior to the end of the auction, I
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