2007 US Mint Silver Proof Set w/COA

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2007 United States Mint Silver Mint Proof Set 14 Coin Set
Includes 50 State Quarter Proofs with COA
First set in Presidential Series

This Auction is for a 2007 United States Mint Silver Proof Set with Certificate of Authenticity . This Silver Proof Set includes the nineth set in the series of 50 State Quarters: Montana, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah. This set marks the first year of the new Presidential Dollars sets. The first four presidents are included: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.

My proof sets for auction here have never been opened and every one of them remain in the same wonderful condition they were in on the day they were shipped from the USMint to me. As always, keep in mind that the US Mint manufacturing process itself causes small distress marks and tiny flap tears on nearly every box. I'm keeping the sets that I peeked into check on condition and to take this picture for you.

I do NOT cherry pick for the sets I keep and then sell you the lower quality sets like some do. I do not look inside the sets I send you, so you are the first person to view the coins since the last US Mint worker boxed them up for delivery to me.

If the few sets I've opened are representative of my collection's condition, these sets are
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