2007 Topps - Derek Jeter Card w/Bush & Mantle

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This rare card is in mint condition, pulled directly from a pack and placed in a sleeve and toploader. Notice Mickey Mantle and George Bush in the background, the card has already been featured on the front page of the NY Daily News and on TV everyw!! Get it while you still can!!
Topps did not announce the production of this card, so it is not known how many of these were produced!
This card will ship immediately, with Delivery Confirmation to the United States.

Alert collectors will spot two famous faces in the background. Uniformed Mickey Mantle handling a bat in the dugout and in the lower box seats is a smiling, waving George W. Bush.

"Someone Was Having A Little Fun Between The Final Proofing And The Printing process" Topps Spokesman Clay Luraschi Told . We First Saw The Card Only After It Was Printed And Honestly, Could Not Do Anything But Laugh."

While The Card Has Made News In The Card collectors, Jeter Is apparently In The Dark. Asked About the Card, Jeter Said "I Havent Heard Anything About It. I Have No Idea."

Topps Hasn't Heard Anything From The Bush Administration About The Card- Even Though Using The Likeness Of Bush For A Commercial Enterprise Requires The White house's permission.

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