YOU ARE BIDDING ON A 2007 TOPPS HERITAGE SHORT PRINT LOT OF 20 WINNING BIDDER SELECTS 20 FROM THE FOLLOWING #s 2-Clemens TN 8- PN 11-TN 13- 13-TN 20-Cano TN 22- 23-PN 23- 24-PN 30-Ichiro PN 31-RC 32- 33-Thome TN 35-TN 40- 46-PN 49-50- 50-TN 52-TN 53-PN 57-PN 58b-Large Print TN 59- 60-PN 61-Rivera PN 65-PN 67-68- 70-PN 76- 76-TN 77- 77-TN 78-PN 79-TN 81-TN 85- 85-TN 86-RC 87-PN 92-Wright PN 94-95- 97-PN 98-Zimmerman PN 100-TN 101-PN 103-104- 108-Hanley Ramirez TN 112-113-RC 121-122-131-139-RC 140-Johnny Damon 149-158-159-167-RC 176-177-185-186-194-195-203-204-212-213-221-RC 222-230-231-RC 239-240-248-257-258-267-276-284-293-294-302-RC 303-311-312-320-321-329-330-338-339-347-348-356-357-RC 365-366-374-375-383-384-RC 392-393-Melky Cabrera 401-402-410-411-419-420-428-429-437-438-Guerrero 446-447-456-RC 464- 465-Pedro Martinez 473-Milledge 474-482- ****NOTE**** TN IS YELLOW TEAM NAME AND PN IS YELLOW PLAYER NAME VARIATION SPs **** WINNING BIDDER MUST EMAIL ME YOUR LIST WITHIN 24 HOURS OF AUCTION ENDING.**** PAYMENT IF PAYING WITH PAYPAL MUST BE RECEIVED IN 3 DAYS,CHECK OR MONEY ORDER 7 DAYS.I WILL OFFER SHIPPING DISCOUNTS ON AUCTIONS WON ONLY ON THE SAME DAY.