2007 Upper Deck First Edition Rookie Redemption RC Set

As far as I can tell, this is inserted 1:720 packs. Redeem this, and you will get 10 2007 Rookie Cards for this set. My theory is that they wanted to include cards of players such as Daisuke Matsuzaka and Alex Gordon in this set, but because of the rules for rookie cards, they could not. This is how they will get around it. After these players make the 25-man roster, they will be eligible to be on their own cards. Ten of these players will be in this set. It makes sense from Upper Deck's standpoint to include the ten best rookies in this product that don't have rookie cards yet -- hence, Matsuzaka and Gordon. Who knows what they will actually do, but you can speculate along with the rest of us by winning and redeeming this card!
I think only 1,600 of these redemption cards exist. Printing plate cards also seem to be inserted 1:720. (With Upper Deck, you never know, because this information is never released.) With 400 cards in the master set and four plates for each card, that makes 1,600 plates. If the redemption card and plates are inserted at the same ratio, then that means t are 1,600 of these redemption cards. Something else to think about: not all these redemption cards will be redeemed. That means that t will be fewer than 1600 of each of these rookie cards in existence. If t is a Matsuzaka rookie among them, this will
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