2008 American Eagle .999 Silver 20 Coin Tube BU GEM UNC

20 (Twenty) 2008 American Eagle Silver .999 Fine, In The Tube!

2008 American Silver Eagle .999 Fine that was minted at West Point, just keeps getting better. For the Searcher, you may find the "rare" 2008/Rev 2007 American Eagle; worth hundreds of dollars. So far many of these error coins were minted at West Point. For the Investor, the experts are predicting silver prices to exceed the $50 an ounce realized in the 1980 silver explosion...perhaps $100 an ounce. Which makes this investment a sure thing; as it did for me back in 1977 when I purchased about $700 worth of silver coins and then in 1980, I made $10,000 for that same investment. For the Collector, these coins are straight from the US Mint, the mint tubes having never been opened....and they would be graded out as either MS69 or MS70 and PCGS currently has them valued at $36 (MS69) and $95 (MS70)....so you can be a collector or investor and walk away with an excellent opportunity. The current financial situation in our country and the world is one that scares me, which is why you see so many people investing in silver and gold. Why have foreign banks closed off silver and gold selling? Why is it so hard to obtain silver and gold? Sure you can pick it up on EBAY and in many cases you are going to have to wait 4-12 weeks to receive it ...except, I HAVE IT AVAILABLE
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