2008 (P) Elizabeth Monroe First Spouse PCGS MS68RD!!!

(2008 P) Elizabeth Monroe First Spouse Bronze Medal PCGS MS68RD!!

High Grade Monroe! For your purchase, you will receive 1 coin: (2008 P) Elizabeth Monroe Medal PCGS MS68RD Specifications: Condition : Uncirculated Date : 2007 Mint : Philadelphia Mint Mark : None Diameter : 1 5/16'' Composition : Bronze *Stock Photo* Quoted From the US Mint Website: "Elizabeth Monroe First Spouse
First Lady, 1817–1825

Elizabeth Kortright was born in New York City in 1768 and married James Monroe at age 17. The family made their home in Virginia, but spent several years overseas while James Madison served as U.S. Foreign Minister to Great Britain, France, and Spain. She became a popular figure in France, w she was affectionately called la belle Americane because of her beauty and style.

Her time spent in European diplomatic circles influenced her sense of proper protocol for the White House, to which she brought a European stateliness and formality. Their youngest daughter, Maria, was the first presidential child to be married in the White House, in a small, private ceremony. When Elizabeth and James Monroe left the White House, they returned to Oak Hill, the family estate in Virginia, w she lived for the remainder of her life.

Reverse Design: On January 1, 1818, Elizabeth and James Monroe held a grand New Year’s Day reception
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