beautiful 2008 gold american eagle 1/10 oz. coin

Most of the 2008 production levels were in some cases as low as 8,883 pieces making it an instant collector’s item. The low mintage of the 2008 makes the coin an anomaly to coin collectors all over the globe thus the coin not only has its huge gains of international gold prices but it also commends its resilient collectable and rarity value.

Gold coins make a very fine gift. It is the best savings program for your children’s college fund; much better return than any bank savings account and lot more conservative and safer then stock market.

This is a beautiful specimen of the 2008 $5 Dollar Gold American Eagle. The mint stopped production early, in 2008 resulting in a lower number of these coins being minted. Great eye appeal and difficult to find . Guaranteed genuine, and him contains 1/10 oz of .999 pure Gold. Highly sought after by all serious American Eagle collectors and dealers alike. Due to the fluctuations in the price of gold on the daily basis I do not give refunds . This piece will fit perfectly and be one of the highlights of any high grade set of American Eagles it is a beautiful coin!