2008 W Reverse of 2007 Silver Eagle Mule Error

From Coin World April 30, 2008 : "The U.S. Mint estimates that a maximum of 47,000 Uncirculated 2008-W American Eagle .999 fine silver dollars bear the reverse type for 2007."

The reverse type is most easily distinguished by the appearance of the "U" of "United States." Coins with the reverse of 2007 will have a bowl shaped "U." Coins with the reverse of 2008 will have a "U" with a spur on the right side of the letter. Other noticeable differences include the configuration of the stars and the tilde and spacing between the words "Silver" and "One."

There are hundreds of thousands of silver eagle collectors. With only 47K made, this coin will be owned by only a select set of collectors.

Not a stock photo. This is the coin you will receive.

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