You are bidding on the card in the title. Card #BM-12 in the set. Personally pack pulled.

Serial #'d 12/23 . . . Tom Brady's jersey number! . . . 1 of 1 !!!

But this is not the only reason why this is a 1 of 1! Continue to read on to find out more about this extraordinary card.

In 2008 Topps, made a set that commemorated Tom Brady and Randy Moss and their record breaking 2007 season when Tom threw 50 touchdown passes . . . a record . . . 23 of which were throw to and caught by Randy Moss . . . also a record. Coincidentally, the 23 touchdowns to Moss was a record on two fronts. That was the most touchdowns caught by a wide receiver in one season, and it was the most touchdowns between quarterback/wide receiver in one season.

This set that Topps made for their 2008 Finest product consisted of 23 cards, BM-1 through BM-23. Card BM-1 represented touchdown #1 between Brady and Moss, card BM-2 represented touchdown #2 between Brady and Moss, and so on. The card in this listing represents touchdown #12 between Brady and Moss as indicated at the top of the card. See picture #4 in this listing to see the top of the card close-up. Each card #BM-1 through BM-23 was autographed by both players and each was serial #'d on the back to the touchdown the card represented as indicated on the front of the card. The card

Unlike a normal card that is numbered to a specific number where every card is exactly the same . . . expect for the serial numbering, this card is different from all the other cards in the set in that it is the only card that says "Touchdown 12 November 7, 2007" on the top front. There are no other card BM-12's in existence. This is the only one!

Please check 's checklisting and pricing guide where they list each of these cards as serial #'d to only 1.

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