2009 Bataleon Fun Kink 153- TRIPLE BASE!

2009 Bataleon Fun Kink-BRAND NEW
Size: 153

Hey Guys! Youare bidding on THE BEST BOARD I HAVE EVER RIDDEN! I run a boardshop in Lakewood , Washington and this is the same model board that I rode all last season. I have been riding for 10 years, and this is by far the BEST BOARD I HAVE EVER BEEN ON. All of our shop riders are on Bataleon boards and we all agree on how amazing they ride.

Bataleon’s triple base technology has taken my riding to another level. THESE BOARDS ARE NOT FLAT! Every other board sport has utilized rocker… wakeboards, surfboards and skateboards are not flat… so why should snowboards?

What makes this board so unique is the three separate riding surfaces. One down the center, and two that raise up on the sides. You couldn't catch an edge if you tried! Buttering is sooo easy, and going edge to edge is unbelievable! These boards are amazing in powder because of the raised edges and super fast because of the reduced surface friction. It’s just common sense people!!!!

All of Bataleon’s boards have this technology and it is patented. From what I hear, several major brands are trying to get their hands on the technology, IT’S JUST THAT GOOD!

Bataleon makes all of their boards in Austria , which is w the best snow gear is made. None of that Chinese made crap like Burton , K2

Check out to hear some great testimonials from magazines and riders all around the world.

Bataleon was even voted as Breakthrough Brand of the Year at the Annual European Snowboard Industry Forum this year! They are HUGE in Europe and just now making their way to the states.
What they have done is the best thing to happen to the snowboard industry in 10 years!
The Fun Kink is a soft flex directional twin . Great for the all mountain rider that wants a forgiving, soft flexing ride. Not to mention, the graphic is sick! Check out the specs in the picture gallery.

If you have any questions feel free to message or email me at . I check my email a LOT!

2010 Bataleon in stock now! Email me for pricing and availability!
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