This auction is for the brand new 2009 Tour Mercedes Golf Ladies Catalyst Tour Technology 3 wedge scoring system. An amazing cavity backed, GRAPHITE shafted regular flex, Ladies right hand only set that consists of a 52 degree Approach wedge, a 56 degree Pure Sand Wedge and a 60 degree Lob wedge. W e thought that our customers would like to see a letter we got from some of the first customers to own these wedges.

Ginny from Florida writes, "Guys I had to write to say that the first time I used the new Catalyst wedges you sold me, I cut my score at my home course by 7 shots! Seven! You weren't kidding when you said I was leaving a lot of shots on the course due to the gaps in my set wedges. Wow these clubs are amazing. Do you have a putter that can help me now?"

Virginia from Texas said, "I got my new three wedge set on Tuesday and immediately was very impressed with my purchase. You need a better camera since these wedges are some of the nicest looking clubs of any price I have ever owned. But the reason I am writing is to say that this Lob 60 degree Catalyst club is heaven sent. I never could get my approach shots to stop rolling quickly (big problem if the pin is near to me) until now. I have to add that the Approach wedge is great fom the rough, and really terrific for chipping. Chipping with my pitching wedge has
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