This is your chance to own a coveted worldwide status symbol, the 2009 PIRELLI CALENDAR . This calendar is brand-new and in its original box. It will arrive in mint condition. Some history:

The Pirelli Calendar is famous for its limited availability because it is not sold and is only given as a corporate gift to a restricted number of important Pirelli customers and celebrity VIPs. Each calendar is constructed of the highest quality and is a numbered limited edition. Because of that, owning a Pirelli Calendar is considered a status symbol.

âeoeThe Calâe is perhaps the world's only prestigious and exclusive "girly" calendar, featuring pictures generally considered glamour photography including artistic nudes.

The setting for the 2009 edition of the Pirelli Calendar is the landscape of Botswana, w famed photographer Peter Beard spent ten days immortalizing seven internationally renowned models. Beard, who lived in Kenya for thirty years, is one of the world's greatest interpreters of the mystery and charm of Africa. The final result is a calendar/diary that Beard describes as "a living sculpture".**

See the entire calendar photo gallery : /thecal/calendar.html

The limited edition number on this copy of the calendar is 02877.
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