2009 Playmates Star Trek Spock Original Spock 1/6 action figures into darkness

Up for auction here is a set of mint in package 12 inch Star Trek figures from the highly popular 2009 reboot from the Command Collection by Playmates toys.
First up is "new" Spock, or simply, Spock, as portrayed by Zachary Quinto.
This highly detailed and poseable figure features include a highly detailed, multilayer fabric outfit, removable Utility belt, Phaser, and Communicator, Starfleet emblem display stand, and an interchangeable right hand in the Vulcan salute.
The second figure in the set is one every fan needs in their collection : Original Spock as portrayed by the legendary Leonard Nemoy.
As with "new Spock", the Original also features a highly detailed, multilayer fabric outfit, (I believe, the one worn at the end of the film where the two Spocks meet), headsculpt with a spot on likeness of Leonard Nemoy, an extra hand in the Vulcan Salute, and a slightly different, round, black Starfleet emblem display stand.
Never removed from the package, these figures were only ever displayed in packaging on my shelf, and briefly packed away during a move.
There are some faint scuff marks and scratches around the edges of the front window, and "new Spock" has a very small scratch on the top of the box, but all are virtually invisible from a distance. I am not a professional grader, but if I were to rate
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