2009 Playoff Prestige Auto/Jersey Pack MATTHEW STAFFORD

CONGRATULATIONS TO "patrickh8652" FOR THE PULL OF HIS LIFETIME: 2006 Playoff Prestige REGGIE BUSH Draft Pick Autograph Card!!!

These are his words, " wow!!!!! thank you so very much. I pulled a Reggie Bush draft picks auto WOW!!!"

YOU ARE WELCOME, "patrickh8652".

Dear collectors, I have something unbelievable for you. I am auctioning a BRAND NEW pack of 2009 Playoff Prestige NFL Football that contains 1(one) Authentic Autograph and/or Memorabilia Card. Let me repeat that again, you are guaranteed at least a limited edition AUTOGRAPH, MEMORABILIA, or AUTOGRAPH MEMORABILIA CARD within this pack. Obviously, since the pack is still factory sealed, I do not know which player the autograph/memorabilia card belongs to. However, this is what makes this auction so exciting because you get to have the chance to score some of the Greatest Players of Today such as BRETT FAVRE, ADRIAN PETERSON, MATT RYAN plus Hottest Rookies MATTHEW STAFFORD, MARK SANCHEZ and so much more. You can find NFL Logoman Autograph cards featuring rookie autograph with a logo patch card number to 10. Imagine the possibility of pulling a MATTHEW STAFFORD 7/10 Rookie Autograph Logo Card!! ! THIS COULD BE THE PULL OF YOUR LIFETIME, DO NOT LET IT SLIP OUT OF YOUR HANDS!!! Best of all, since the Autograph/Memorabilia Card is still in pack, it is
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