200BC Authentic Ancient Greek Coin ATHENA AmphoraMyrina

Item: i9381
Certified Authentic Ancient Coin of:

Greek City of Myrina in Asia Minor
Bronze 16mm (3.6 grams)
Struck 200-100 B.C.
Reference: Sear 4219; B.M.C.17.137,20
Head of Athena right, in crested helmet ornamented with griffin.
MY-PI either side of amphora.

Situated north-east of Kyme, Myrina was overshadowed by its powerful neighbor, though it appears to have been a place of some importance in Hellenistic times.

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Myrina ( Greek : Μυρίνα ), was one of the Aeolian cities on the western coast of Mysia , about 40 stadia to the southwest of Gryneium . [1] Its site is believed to be occupied by the modern Sandarlik at the mouth of the Koca Çay .[2]

It is said to have been founded by one Myrinus before the other Aeolian cities [3] , or by the Amazon Myrina [4] . Artaxerxes gave Gryneium and Myrina to Gongylus , an Eretrian , who had been banished from his native city for favoring the interests of Persia .[5]

Myrina was a very strong place [6] , though not very large, and had a good harbor. [7] Pliny [8] mentions that it bore the surname of Sebastopolis ; while, according to Syncellus , it was also called Smyrna . For some time Myrina
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