2010 Allen & Ginter Tooth Relic Dromaeosaurus 1/1 Rare

Update I am not actually thinking I am going to sell this for $50,000.00 but for all the people who are trying to get it for under $500.00 it will be declined as I would of lost money on this card. So please serious offers as this card is a 1/1 card.

Here is a site to view for this type of tooth and info on the Dromaeosaurus /pgset2/dt6-153.htm From what I have read this dinosaur is what they used in jurassic park they were just called Raptors in the movie.

What can I say about this card there is 12 to the set there all 1 of 1's and the odds of pulling one was 1 and every 186,000 packs. To me these are alot better than the hair cards where you not even sure if the hair was from the person or the persons family as I have heard rumors too. The cards thickness is around 4 quarters and has a full tooth of the Dromaeosaurus. Here is another one listed on ebay asking for 2 times as much as me. I am willing to take offers. /ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220766315776

Some info on this animal it was around about 75 million years ago. They were around 6 feet tall and weighed about 25lbs.

Dromaeosaurus is the eponymous genus of dromaeosaurs, the smallish, speedy, bipedal, probably feather-covered carnivorous theropods better known to the general public as Raptors . Still, this genus differed from more
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