2010 P America The Beautiful 5oz Silver Quarters -w/OGP/COA 5 ozs. YELLOWSTONE

I have all the ATB 5 oz coins coming up for sale. These are the special collector version in the OGP, not the bullion version. These will all have the "P" mint mark, where the bullion version will not.

Here is the SECOND ever made, the 2010P YELLOWSTONE, never opened, in the original government packaging. This includes the box, the certificate of authenticity, and the sheath around the box.

The coin is in an airtite plastic fitted container provided by the US Mint and NEVER OPENED.

Pristine! and Beautiful, as it should be. If I don't have your favorite collector version coin up for sale yet, and you would like me to push it up the top of the labor pool of advertising it, just email me. Shipping to US only. Returns are not accepted for any reason to prevent fraud. I will work with any buyer if there is an unanticipated problem, as always. Also, I reserve the right NOT to ship to any email address for Russia, Iran, or N. Korea, or any other Country code that is under International sanctions even if you reside in the US. I will refund the buyer if you attempt to purchase any American silver or gold asset.


also note;

I have almost all of them for sale in other auctions coming with the original government packaging.
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