London 2010 Festival of Stamps Exhibition

The King's Stamps

Royal Mail Miniature Sheet

Date of Issue 8 May 2010 SG No. MS 3072

Containing SG Nos. 3067, 3068, 3070, 3071

Unmounted Mint (MNH) Mini Sheet containing four different stamps .

The King’s Stamps Miniature Sheet reproduces classic stamps from the reign of George V. It features two reproductions of the 1924 British Empire Exhibition Wembley stamps designed by Harold Nelson set within a contemporary border with the present value (1st) and Queen’s head profile and two reproductions of the “Seahorses” design by Bertram Mackennal, high value definitive originally issued between 1913 – 1918 again set within a contemporary border with the value (£1) and Queen’s head. The top of the Miniature Sheet’s plain border contains the text: London 2010 Festival of Stamps with a crown.

Part of a series of Stamps, Mini Sheets and Smiler Sheets issued for the London 2010 Stamp Show.


The stamps were designed by Sedley Place. Printed in Intaglio and Litho by Enschede, the mini sheet is 115mm x 89mm and the stamps within it are 45mm x 34mm and 60mm x 34mm, and have 15 x 14.5 perfs. Gum type is PVA. All Over Phosphor.

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