This kite has been used in fresh water over the course of two summers. It has been impeccably maintained and is in excellent condition. There is a small patch (approx. 3" X 3") on the canopy, professionally repaired by AirTime in Hood River, OR. The Rebel is a highly acclaimed kite, just read the reviews of it! My take on it's performance is that is has excellent range. I can hold this 7 down in winds where others are on 6's or 5's. Furthermore, the Rebels are known for the huge air they catch! The 5th line provides security and easy relaunch on the water. I am only selling to buy new Rebels...North is known for building quality sails and kites, and the Rebel is no exception, these kites ROCK!! Good luck... Also check out my other auctions, North Rebels 9 and 12, A Slingshot Ignition board, and A Slingshot Verve surfboard! Thanks for looking and happy holidays!
Here is what the manufacturers say:
From flat-water freedom to tearing the bag out of any size surf, the 2010 Rebel is the all-terrain freeride/wave kite of your dreams. Smooth, lively and responsive steering, even whende-powered, makes it the ideal kite for surfing and a blast to ride in any conditions. The loaded 5th line design, in addition to providing safety, gives the Rebel its short and aggressive power stroke that is up to 30% shorter than bridled kites. This
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