2010-W U.S. Mint Disabled Veterans Silver Dollar Proof (AV1)

2010-W U.S. Mint Disabled Veterans Silver Dollar Proof (AV1)

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This is another fresh item purchased by Colorado Rare Coins from a private coin collector. Our buyers travel the country looking to buy US coin collections that have not seen the light of day in years, or even decades. Ours is an exciting job - we are treasure hunters, working on the behalf of rare coin collectors just like you.

In our travels, we have the opportunity to purchase all different types of US rare coins, from Indian head cents to Morgan dollars and pre-1933 US gold coins. We never know what we may find in the next collection - and you get first pick of these rarities, as all of them go directly to our eBay store .

CRC is a PCGS and NGC certified dealer, so we regularly have a wide range of certified US coins available for sale. We also work with other certification companies, ANACS being prominent. We also come across very high-quality, low mintage proof type coins, many of which are beautifully toned with original Mint luster.

You will always find it exciting to shop with us, as you never know what you may find. Whether you are looking for a Liberty half dollar, trying to complete a Mercury dime collection, or are searching for some rare Judd pattern, you may find it at any time in our store - right
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