2010 Walt Disney Classics Plus Shriek and Madagascar 3

Walt Disney Classi cs 152 DvD collection 2010. I can't with integrity put "brand new" but it really is since i ts been locked away for a few years. It has all the Disney cartoon movies made up to 2010 . There are 152 DvD s and they are in their plas tic sleeves. There are a few smaller series (like Tom and Jerry) but most are m ajor theat er movies . I've not seen anyone sell this particular movie collection since most carry "filler movies" instead of all major films. These mov ie s each go for almost $20 dollars a piece so the boxed sets are convenient. I have added Shrek and Madagascar 3 Blu-Ray to collection.

The Incredibles

Snow White

Cloudy w/ a chance of meatballs

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Roger Rabbit

Chicken little




The Nightmare before Christmas

Shark Tale


The wizard of Oz

Ice Age

Prince of Egypt


Treasure Planet

Cats and Dogs

Chicken Run

Emperor’s New Groove

Madagascar #1-3

Tom and Jerry #1-7

Alvin and the Chipmunks #1-2



Cinderella #1-4

Sleeping Beauty


Peter Pan

Bambi #1-2


The Sword in
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