2010 Willie Mays "The Catch" Bobblehead SGA Original Box, Never displayed

I Received this Bobblehead of Willie as a Stadium Giveaway by the Giants in 2010. It represents the famous catch that Willie made in the 1954 World Series on a ball hit by the Cleveland Indians' Vic Wertz. The Indians were favored to win the WS that year, but just like our Giants of today, the NY guys swept the Cleveland crew. Go to Youtube some time to see the catch on film. It is considered the overall greatest play made by an outfielder, particularly when considering the stage on which it occurred. The condition of the bobble head is "complete" and just as I received from the Giants organization. Ok, so I listed this as used. I destroyed the Styrofoam packing material when I brought it home and took it out to look at it. I Couldn't find a place to display it so I put it back in the box. Lol.. idiot! It hasn't been displayed. Only out of the box so I could see it and then for the pictures taken here. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Someone is going to get a great deal.

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