2011 CHARLEMAGNE 10 Euro Silver GEM Proof : Monnaie de Paris Original Box + COA

Limited Mintage Collector Coin
Ten (10) Euro Silver Proof
This Proof Silver coin, which contains .900 Silver, is part of the “From Clovis to the Republic – 1,500 Years of French History” series.
Charlemagne is the most important figure of medieval Europe. The first Holy Roman Emperor, he expanded the Frankish kingdom into a true empire. Both the modern states of France and Germany trace their roots to his reign. This coin is the second coin of the series.
The obverse has a profile portrait of Charlemagne, facing left, features the King of the Franks wearing the crown of a Roman Emperor. The legend CHARLEMAGNE defines the theme; the date is also indicated. The reverse has a depiction of Charlemagne's globus cruciger (Latin for "cross-bearing orb"), the symbol of his power and sovereignty as the first Holy Roman Emperor. The dates 768-814 indicate the length of his reign. The denomination and RF, for Republique Francaise ("The French Republic") are also indicated.
Each of these beautiful Silver coins comes in a box and with a certificate of authenticity.