2011 S Deep Cameo Golden Proof 4 Coin Presidential Dollar Set Lot 87

LOT 87
Seller's Estimate: USD 20 - 25

2011 S Deep Cameo Golden Proof 4 Coin Presidential Dollar Set Includes Presidents: 17th President Andrew Johnson 1865 1869 1st President to face impeachment, 18th President Ulysses S Grant 1869 1877 Civil War Hero General Gen. U.S. Grant once received a speeding ticket for driving his carriage too fast in his carriage through the streets of Washington D. C. , 19th President Rutherford B Hayes 1877 1881 Over Saw the End of Reconstruction , Hayes took office determined to reform the system of civil service appointments, which had been based on the spoils system since Andrew Jackson was president. Hayes confronted two issues regarding the currency, the first of which was the coinage of silver, and its relation to gold. In 1873, the Coinage Act of 1873 stopped the coinage of silver for all coins worth a dollar or more, effectively tying the dollar to the value of gold. As a result, the money supply contracted and the effects of the Panic of 1873 grew worse, making it more expensive for debtors to pay debts they had contracted when currency was less valuable. The second issue concerned United States Notes (commonly called greenbacks), a form of fiat currency first issued during the Civil War. The government accepted these notes as valid for payment of taxes and tariffs, but unlike ordinary

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