NEW 2011 "The Kia Vaporizer" Ceramic Element ADJUSTABLE

This is one of the BEST Vaporizers on the market. Check it out on , they sell for $240. There is also a sideshow on youtube. This vaporizer is brand new, never been used and it comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! The KiaVaporizer has a ceramic encapsulated element, this is the safest and healthiest element available. The air that you inhale is kept separate from the electronics. There is no metal screens in this glass on glass bowl (metal screens defeat the purpose!!) Screens are included but are optional. This is a hands free device (glass on glass attachment) The KiaVaporizer's whip comes in one of 4 colors (Dark Blue, Green, Purple, and Silver Fumed) Please specify a color during checkout in the paypal notes, or otherwise we will send the most popular. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL WITH A COLOR REQUEST IF YOU FORGET DURING CHECKOUT . The box is made from aluminum and has a key to lock up all your goods within. You can shop around but you won't find anything as high quality as this. Approximate size when the box is closed is 4.5 x 4.5 x 8 inches.

Parts Included : Vaporizer, Whip (bowl, mouthpiece, and tube), power cord, instructions, key for locking box, and lifetime warranty.
-THIS IS NOT AN IMPORT!! *THIS PRODUCT IS MADE IN THE USA* ***Please ask your local head shop about the KiaVaporizer***
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