New 2011 Worth Titan Resmondo Softball Bat SBTR54 27

New 2011 Model!
Worth Resmondo Titan Limited Edition Model!!!
Slowpitch softball bat Model:SBTR54
Size: 34 inches / 27 ounces
5.4L – Multilayer design that extends the length of the sweetspot 2” toward the endcap EIP / RAV – Technologically advanced manufacturing processes and Worth’s proprietary high strength, high elongation epoxy system ensures the highest quality composite bats available 1.20 BPF – Multilayer composite core designed to provide exceptional rebound and maximum durability 100% Composite – Barrel is made solely from composite materials Flex – Handle stiffness and barrel flexibility optimized to provide maximum batted ball speed Resmondo – Maximum end load for maximum power Multiwall – Increased performance due to more flexible barrels Approved by USSSA, NSA, ISF, and all other Associations using 1.20 BPF standard One Year Warranty from authorized dealer