2012 America the Beautiful ATB Quarters Circulating Coin Set P & D Rare 24,869

This is the United States Mint 2012 America the Beautiful Quarters Circulating Coin Set. This special set consists of circulating quality quarters of all five designs (the same as those found in uncirculated rolls from banks) from both the Philadelphia and Denver Mints sealed in special semi-rigid plastic holder inside a specially-decorated white envelope with the product name and U.S. Mint logo.

The 2012 set is by far the rarest one so far, with only 24,869 sets reported sold before being declared "sold out." This makes sense, since several of the 2012 coins are the lowest-mintage coins in the entire series. The first three designs production numbers were very low, with 50,800,000 El Yunque (25,000,000 D and 25,800,000 P), 44,000,000 Chaco Culture (22,000,000 each P & D) and 46,406,000 Acadia (21,606,000 D and 24,800,000 P). The final two designs saw a step up in production, with 124,800,000 Hawai'i Volcanoes (78,600,000 D & 46,200,000 P) and 302,000,000 Denali (166,600,000 D and 135,400,000 P). This is speculated to be because the supply of old quarters that had re-entered circulation due to the economic downturn had finally been exhausted towards the end of 2012, thus resulting in greater demand for new coinage to be struck for commerce. This trend did indeed continue through 2013, with production staying much
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