2012 American Eagle Silver Dollar From the W Mint *GEM BRILLIANT* Encapsulated*

These are unretouched (unaltered/unenhanced) photos of the / ****' ACTUAL COIN ' **** / which you will receive. I avoid using personal "STOCK" photos as a rule. I believe bidders want to see precisely what they are bidding on, not a generic "stock" photo with a vague description. These are taken by fluorescent (**COOL**) and incandescent (**WARM**) lamplight, with the camera flash suppressed to better show detail, because of the coin's super high luster and to avoid flashback. The color, tint or hue you do see is owing to prismatic light refraction, a photographic anomaly.
This coin is NOT colored or toned, nor is it "frosty " as are so many "silver bullion Eagles." The "super luster" is a simple matter of "luck of the draw."
BEAUTIFUL 'SILVERY, LUSTROUS GEM.' Dazzling Brilliance! NO CARBON SPOTS, NO "frosted look!" SUPER CLEAN, crisp detail and super luster! Nice cartwheel effect. Please be aware, the ZOOM feature causes slight degradation of the photo because it is an eBay "digital ZOOM" not the HD preferable "Focal Zoom," that I originally used with my macro lens, High Definition SLR camera.
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