2012 Hallmark Keepsake Lionel Trains Ornament Lot of 2

Hallmark Keepsake Series Nutcracker Route Christmas Train Locomotive & Baggage Coach LIONEL Trains
17th in this serires.
It' full steam ahead to Christmas! With a cherry red smokestack and festive green snowplow up front, this locomotive is equipped for travel from the North Pole to all points south.
Featuring a steam-era clerestory roof, the baggage coach handily carries both passengers and luggage perfect for thos rail travelers with Christmas package in tow.
For generations, the sight of a Lionel train puffing it's way around a Christmas tree has brought out the kid in young and old alike. With lifelike details, these miniature marvels evoke the thrill of train travel and inspire nostalgia for days gone by. The Nutcracker Route Christmas Trian is no exception it's bright coloring and nutcracker motif are just the ticket for happy holiday memories.