NEW! 2012 LEUPOLD GX-1 Laser Rangefinder Tournament Legal

NEW! 2012 LEUPOLD GX-1 Laser Rangefinder Tournament Legal


LEUPOLD GX-1 Range Finder


The new GX-1 is an exceptional device, just as its predecessor was. In addition to being both the smallest and lightest rangefinder tested, the Leupold GX-1 picks up flagsticks at a distance as well as any of the portable vertically-oriented rangefinders (and nearly as well as the largest units), and features respectable 6x viewfinder magnification, a scanning mode to continuously update distances while targeting objects, and even the option for the user to choose from a number of different crosshairs.

All of this at a reasonable price make the Leupold GX-1 a device we can wholeheartedly recommend


The Leupold GX-1 has a “pin-locating” feature, which they call “Pinhunter” (the equivalent of “PinSeeker”, “PinPoint” or “First Target Priority” mode on competing devices), that makes it easier to determine the distance to specific targets such as flagsticks. The device automatically filters out readings from larger more “reflective” objects (like trees) in the background, and concentrates on obtaining a reading from the closer of the targets that are within the crosshairs (which should be the flagstick). But wait, there’s more! The Leupold is one of only two manufacturers
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