2013-W $10 First Spouse Gold Edith Wilson (1/2 oz) PCGS PR 70 First Strike

2013-W $10 First Spouse Edith Wilson

First Spouse: 28th

Mintage: 2,461

Grade: PCGS PR 70 First Strike

Population: PCGS is 173

Weight: .9999 Fine Gold and 1/2 oz.

First Spouse Gold Coins are starting to become hard to find. Low Mintage and Low Pop 70 grades are not easy to come by these days with the program already over they aren't making them anymore. Start your collection today before all the Spouse collectors have them in there hands.

Just think if 5,000 collectors wanted this series there appetite could not be filled. Some coins have less than 2,000 minted so the other 3,000 would have to buy from the collectors that already have the coins which draws a huge demand at higher levels. Don't think 2 years down the road but 10 years down the road where the prices could be on this series. It took St. Gaudens Gold Coins with over 70 million coins almost 50 years to become collectible and there melting these everyday because there still is to much out there.


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