2013 S American Eagle .999 Pure Silver In Ringed AirTite *A NICE CHRISTMAS GIFT!

Your are bidding on a (1) EARLY STRIKE / EARLY RELEASE 2013 American Silver Eagles from the San Francisco Mint. These coins are already housed in a (white ringed) AirTite Holders!

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January of every year, the United States Mint is required to deliver coins that carry the date of the new year. Accordingly, the dies used to strike the coins from the prior year are destroyed and new dies are engraved, prepared and deployed to strike the coins for the new year.
Because the coin dies wear down over thousands of strikes, the detail of the engraved die that transfers to the newly struck coin begins to flatten, and the quality of the finished coin diminishes below standards. At this point, the dies are replaced. For each minting press, new dies may be required multiple times each year. Once the new dies are installed, the strike quality (the detail transferred to the newly struck coin) returns to its maximum. There is no public notice that dies are changed, and each minting press changes dies at different times required by die wear .
My supplier is a U.S. Mint authorized purchaser, their personnel have observed the die making process at the U.S. Mint at West Point, New
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