2013 American Eagle Silver Dollar UNC Semi-Frosty "matte' fm. W Mint *in Capsule

FRESH from a tube from the West Point Mint in "Monster Box." "Matte" Strike,semi-frosty. No rim dings, carbon spots or significant contact marks. Please refer to photos.
These are unretouched (unenhanced) photos of //////// ***** ACTUAL COIN *****/////// that you will receive. These coins are of the beautiful white, semi-frosty, "matte" strike. The flash has been suppressed to eliminate flashback and to reveal the semi-frosty traits of this type strike. Posed in lamplight, fluorescent ( *COOL* ) and incandescent, ( *WARM* ) in a variety of physical settings to better show detail. These Eagles are neither colored nor toned. The tint and hue you see is prismatic light refraction, a photographic anomaly, as a result of posing the coins under lamplight ONLY, with flash suppressed. "Unenhanced photos!"
HERE: Silvery white, 'semi-frosty' 2013 Eagle bought, directly from the West Point Mint as Silver Bullion, in mint monster boxes. Good * matte* strike, with great detail!
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Specifically: Beautiful 2013 Eagle Silver Dollar purchased as .999% bullion directly from the Philadelphia
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