ADDITIONAL SHIPPING .25 PER CARD. UNLIMITED CARDS NO MORE THAN 5.00 !!! RAZOR CORNERS , BEAUTIFUL COLOR, NO CRACKS RIPS CREASES OR TEARS !! If you have any ?'s please e-mail me. If you are not happy with the merchandise please contact me before leaving neg. feedback. I am not by any means a professional grader! Once again thank you for your time and bids !! Rachel

"Poor (P) or Fair (F) 1: A card that has seen serious abuse or has a hole in it. Good (G) 2: ... heavy corner rounding, surface wear or creases. Any card with writing on it falls in this category. (Writing other than an autograph of course). Very Good (VG) 3: A card that looks good from a distance, but on closer inspection several defects can be seen without magnification. This is the highest rating possible on a creased card. Very Good / Excellent (VGEX) 4: This is the highest grade that a card can have with a small wrinkle. A wrinkle is a crease that can be seen on only one side of the card. Excellent (EX) 5: .... for cards that look really good, but show some wear. Excellent / Mint (EXMT) 6: ....card that looks mint, but upon close examination defects can be seen without magnification. Near Mint (NM) 7: A card that looks mint, but upon examination with magnification, defects can be seen usually on edges and corners. This grade is often given to cards that are
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