2013 Canada $10 NGC PF 69 Ultra Cameo Mallard Ducks Silver 1st New Duck Series

2013 Canada $10 NGC PF 69 Ultra Cameo DUCKS SILVER 1st COIN of a NEW DUCK SERIES
Comes C.O.A.
Serial numbers will vary
A mallard pair floats on still water: an iconic Canadian image! Abundant throughout North America, the mallard is one of the continent’s most well-known and best-loved species of wild duck. One of the first to return to its home nesting grounds after winters spent in ice-free regions of the continent, this large surface-feeding waterfowl is the species from which most domestic ducks originated. The plumage of mallards is instantly recognizable. The male, or drake, has a bright green head, ochre yellow bill, and brown chest. He bears patches (known as “specula”) of indigo blue on its greyish, brown wings. On the other hand, the female, or hen, bears mottled brown and white plumage, sharing with the drake a striking indigo speculum decorating the upper back edge of each wing. Your coin is an excellent gift for bird aficionados, conservationists, nature lovers, and collectors of beautiful and unique coins. Special features:
• Your coin is a unique opportunity to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Ducks Unlimited Canada with a keepsake whose aesthetic appeal stands on its own. • Your coin features a mallard pair at the onset of fall migration showcased in full colour. • The first coin in a
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