2013 Canadian $10 Fine Silver coin The InukShuk proof 1st coin O Canada series

2013 Canadian $10 Fine Silver coin The Inukshuk proof 1st coin in O Canada series. With original Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) packaging
Living high above the tree line on the Arctic tundra, the Inuit and other migratory people of the High Arctic have used the tools provided to them by nature to not only thrive in one of the planet's most hostile climates, but also help to ensure the survival of others in their region. One of these tools is the inukshuk. Its name meaning "a thing that acts on behalf of a person," an inukshuk (pronounced "inook-shook") is a sculpture of piled stone used as a place marker, navigational aid and communication tool.
Your coin tells the beautiful story of the history and traditions of the inukshuk and the Canadian Arctic. An ideal gift for family and friends who enjoy all things Canadian!
Your coin is the First coin in our 1/2 oz fine silver O Canada series, which focuses on iconic images.
Your coin was designed by Canadian artist Tony Bianco and features a human-shaped Inukshuk standing before the icy mountains, frozen sea and aurora borealis characteristic of the Canadian Arctic.