Laid dormant for 4 years the EZEKIEL 25:17 is now a swollen fat bellied electron gorged beast. Bulbous in every possible way the EZEKIEL 25:17is a formidable device capable of unrivalled projection and sonic mastery. Due to the precision and performance specifications of the internal components the EZEKIEL 25:17 boasts both clarity and purity even at his most fearsome settings and is equally able to withstand theintoxicated frenzy of small venue performance and the critical requirements of studio use.
The EZEKIEL 25:17 is a superior quality bass distortion device that will cater for all your overdrive and distortion needs. Many flavours of distortion are available thanks to the unique four-position distortion switch from bright punchy valve like overdrive tones to heavily clipped distortion. The EZEKIEL 25:17 is tuned especially for use with bass instruments so assures perfect clarity for a true deep bassresponse.
Back to the future. This is an updated version of the old EZEKIEL that was spawned back in 2004. This unit was from a small batch created in February of this year. 10 pieces were sold at that time, one unit was a prototype and two other I kept back for my own use. Unit #003 and this one which was left unnumbered. I'm selling off this one as there really is not need for a back up.
Construction wise I intended
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