2013 EMPTY Mint SILVER EAGLE green monster box w/ 25 tubes included ~NO coins ~

This listing is for 1 2012 US Mint empty GREEN Monster box made to store American SILVER Eagles and the rolls that come with the box (NO COINS though!). Y ou get the empty green box, 2 inner trays, the 25 empty rolls/tubes, but NO coins are included. These boxes are capable of storing 25 rolls/tubes with 20 coins per tube. There are NO coins ! These are labeled as 2013 by the Mint as the new 2013 year is now out.

These boxes otherwise make great storage devices. Put your sewing materials in them, fishing lures and hold paperwork real well too. I have 1 customer who uses them for litter boxes for his kitties...... My vendor tells me they are great for storing the larger gold bars, but I can't say I own any.

Again to repeat, NO coins, rolls or tubes included.

I will ship this out in a USPS Flat rate box- this is the most cost effective way to ship 1 box. As is, cost is over $11.00 to ship this way. I've shipped a few previously and paid over $15, thus this is the best way to go. The Mosnter is about an inch longer than the Flat Rate, thus taped up well, unless you want to pay more for the shipping, this is the best way. I would estimate I have easily shipped out over 100 this way with no complaints, but want to be straight forward and manage YOUR expectaions with this item. I Multiple purchases will still
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