2013 FOUR LEAF CLOVER Silver Coin 1 oz 1oz Palau $5 **w/ Display Box**


Palau $5 Silver Coin

"Includes attractive wooden display box-this auction only"

2013 FOUR LEAF CLOVER Silver Coin , Palau $5 legal tender. Part of an ongoing series and coin contains a REAL clover leaf - very unique and rare coin of worldwide mintage of 2013 coins. See picture every coin is different and unique. Coin is encapsulated in Mint issued capsule with COA. Paypal Only and payment must be made immediately after auction completes.

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About the Coin

Since four-leaf clovers are very rare in nature, it takes some luck to find one. But now the search is over.
Lucky charms, also referred to as talismans, are supposed to bring fortune, wealth, good health and also help to live a long life. According to legend, Eve took a four-leaf clover from paradise as a memento. That is the reason, it is said, that the owner of such a clover is able to call a piece of paradise his own.
In Ireland clover played a major role. For a long time it was believed that the plant had a magical effect. For instance, on Rathlin Island, off the north coast of Ireland, it was said that if one rubs pounded clover over one’
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