2013 Freedom Girl SBSS WIDE REED 1 Troy OZ .999 Silver Shield Round - 002

This listing is for (1) 2013 SBSS 1 Troy ounce 'wide reed' Freedom Girl .999 silver round in 2X2 flip. Only a small number of the 'wide reed' version were minted at the end of the production run. The Freedom Girl silver medallion is 4th in the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series.
This coin is created on the basis of the Peace Dollar, which is regarded as one of the most beautiful coins in the world. The Peace Dollar was struck by the US mint after World War One, commemorating the "War to End All Wars" - 34 year old sculptor Anthony de Francisci used his wife Mary Teresa as a model for the coin. Men have been know to fight to the death for women, treasure and freedom, and Freedom Girl is a stunning combination of all three.
Every aspect of the design brings out a gorgeous update of the classic Peace Dollar. The original Peace Dollar had her hair tied in a bun with an uncomfortable tiara perched on her head, while Freedom Girl's hair is wild and free. Freedom Girl's parted lips and ecstatic gaze looking forward to the future are so seductive, as Freedom should be. Even her shoulder arching forward brings out more emotion from this modern beauty. She is finished off with modern cues of a hoop earring and a tattoo of the Trivium.
The reverse shows Classic Silver Bullet Silver Shield Crest with the sayings "A Conscious Solution
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